Thursday, December 14, 2006

Have pen and a passport

What first inspired me to email that obscure address in Taos New Mexico?
I don't recall that I was even planning a holiday or trip. It was a hard time for me and I can vaguely remember sitting at my desk in Sydney Australia wondering what kind of holiday I could have as a 50+ single woman that wasn't going to involve sitting on a coach doing "Senior" things.

The truth is I didn't feel "Senior". I don't know what "senior" is meant to be. It smacked of a much more sedate and conservative me than I was feeling or intended to feel at that particular time.
50+ means no kids to think about, 50 years of unlived dreams and not having to worry if your "bum looks big" in your new jeans. The unfocussed energy of earlier years was being replaced by a new sense of focus and courage and a yearning for new experiences. Maybe it was just a whim to look for a holiday that would push me to explore my talent and unknowingly give me the chance to meet a load of interesting people who were also looking to explore life through writing.

I had never heard of Taos. I thought New Mexico was in Mexico. In fact, apart from Washington DC I had never been east of Los Angeles.

Maybe there was an unspoken fear that time was running out and I might never get down to writing. It was time to stop the talk and start doing it.

My future holidays were NEVER going to be sitting by a hotel pool feeling old and alone. Whatever it was that took me to Taos, it was an inspired choice and became one of the best decisions I had made in years. As a result I met wonderful people and made some lasting friendships. I also found myself energetically pursuing my writing.

This experience was so incredibly positive I really wanted other aspiring writers and creative people to enjoy a similar experience. With my friend from San Diego we set out to plan an ongoing program of creative trips for writers and artists of all ages, Trips which would provide an opportunity for them to visit other countries with a few new friends and spend the mornings taking part in creative tasks.

This blog will remember some of the great moments of past tours and talk about the plans for future trips.

I hope you join us.


Jamie said...


If you missed it while you were there and happen to get back to New Mexico, go the Cloudcroft particularly in the fall.

You can be standing with your feet in snow looking down to waves of heat coming up from White Sands. It is a beautiful area and the lodge alone is worth seeing.

txdave said...

Interesting blog, well-written, but could be livlier in format, font, maybe some photos, see what I mean:

good luck


Robyne said...

Thanks txdave..I really enjoy your blog. I will go find some more pics

Robyne said...

Hi Jamie

And I will definitely go there. This year the BIG trip is to the South of France - two weeks writing, eating and hanging out in a gorgeous place with hopefully a really interesting group.

Another workshop in San Diego in February. More a biography group..hopefully enough people will take part and we will have a good time.

Bob Hoover said...

Hi Robyne,

Thank you for the kind remarks. Although tech writing and ad copy pays the billz the dust-bunnies under the bed are surrounded by unsold novels, screen plays and short stories.

I regret having to respond in such an awkward fashion but I couldn't track down you email addy.


(PS -- Nice site. Needs plants :-)