Friday, December 15, 2006

France in September

This year we are going to rural south of France for two weeks of writing, eating and exploring.We have found a wonderful little place to hold our summer workshop.( Last year it was two weeks in Australia)
The group will be limited to ten again. I have found this is a good size. It means those who wish to bring their non-writing partners can do so and we can keep the afternoons free so that we can look around the area and enjoy the local sights and visit the markets etc. If the group decides to sightsee further afield we can organise that.
Those who are coming from Australia are actually taking another week and seeing Paris whilst they are over this side of the world.
We are going to do some general "getting back on the writing track workshop" and also this year we have decided to look at our descriptive writing and how that can enhance our work.
I can't wait. I havent been to this area for about ten years and I just love it. September is my favourite month in Europe.
If you are interested in joining us email me early as we already have 5 people who have put their hands up to go.

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