Saturday, December 23, 2006

Burning the Clocks!

The Clocks have been burnt in Brighton celebrating again that we have managed to get to that point where we are moving from the dark long days of winter towards the light days of summer passing Spring along the way.Isnt it heartening that smack bang in the middle of the Xmas crazy season, at the height of the Xmas shopping, the town people forget about their spending? They get together to celebrate the Solstice and mark this turning point of the year

I just love it that at some soul level such a "pagan" festival still resonates with many of us whether we are Christian or Muslim or Spiritualists or whatever.

I guess despite all the glitz and the learning we are still all just simple creatures of the earth and we depend on the earth still turning and the sun still rising and the moon sending us a little crazy at times. Check out the site below and if you can get to Brighton next year check it out it is great fun and takes the "crazy" out of Xmas.

It also means that the Biography Workshop in San Diego is not far away and the Workshop in France is getting closer too.

More about that in the new year~~


colorado bob said...

Robyne ... Thanks for the kind words ... Let me know if I can help.
And Thanks for the Clock Burning item .... My kind of stuff.

1Green Thumb said...

Can't say I knew about this festival.. pretty neat. It is good to know that we are past that point of the winter. Odd we still really haven't had any snow here in Michigan and the weather has been unusually mild...

Thanks for the comment on my site

mur said...

The Pagans had all the fun. If I had an ounce of spiritual or religious inclination, I would go pagan for sure!