Sunday, May 6, 2007

Emerson's speech to the Scholars

I am finally free to start posting again.It is ages since I had to stop because of travelling and working .

Thank you to those who have emailed me.
I have just stumbled again on Emerson's speech to the Scholars which he made in 1837.Every time I read it I am inspired. It is even more appropriate now I imagine where people forget that vocation is much more than just work.....

"They did not yet see, and thousands of young men as hopeful now crowding to the barriers for the career do not yet see, that if the single man plant himself indomitably on his instincts, and there abide, the huge world will come round to him. Patience, -patience; with the shades of all the good and great for company; and for solace the perspective of your own infinite life; and for work the study and the communication of principles, the making those instincts prevalent, the conversion of the world."

Spring is here in the UK and it is time to emerge from the winter's reflection and start blooming!!!

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david mcmahon said...

Hi Robyne,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and asking for details of my novel `Vegemite Vindaloo'.

I've enjoyed your work here and on your other blog. Spring for you in the UK, while as you know (being a Sydneysider) we're about a fortnight away from winter!